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Co Co. Sala opens chocolate retail boutique.

Co Co. Sala Chocolate Boutique.

Whomever said that money can’t buy happiness — lied. The Rammy award winning Co Co. Sala, renowned as the chic fine dining place to gorge oneself on artisan coffee, gourmet chocolate, decadent desserts, and exceptional cocktails has opened a Chocolate Boutique! Yes, you read that right. A Chocolate Boutique: designed for a quick chocolate get-a-way. With a prime location in the heart of Penn Quarter, stop by on your way home from work or indulge yourself in a delicious mid-day snack. In addition, chocolate tastings & classes will also be offered to customers for both private and public events.

Chocolate Ribbon for ceremony. Photo by Revamp.com

Co- owners Bharet Malhotra and Nisha Sidhu opened the exceptional chocolate boutique yesterday, Monday, September 27th to showcase Co Co. Sala’s artisanal, handcrafted retail chocolates created by Executive & Pastry Chef Santosh Tiptur and co-owner Nisha Sidhu. On the counter for all to enjoy are pieces of their chocolate ribbon that was created for their ribbon cutting ceremony. The chocolate is delicious and took me back to the days of eating the ears off the chocolate Easter bunny.

Signature Co Co. Sala bars and bacon treats.

The new retail boutique, a 200-square-foot space was designed by award-winning architect and designer Alex Hurtado of Collective Architecture and feature luxurious finishes, including imported stone, glass and a golden wall, the boutique reflects the opulent warmth of the main lounge. It has several glass display cases to showcase the small jewel-like artisanal chocolates as well as the signature chocolate bars crafted from luxurious Valrhona chocolate. Behind the cases are voluptuous hand-sculpted chocolate and sugar showpieces created by Executive & Pastry Chef Santosh Tiptur and co-owner Nisha Sidhu.  The boutique will also offer an array of packaged chocolate indulgences such as the popular chocolate-enrobed bacon, various chocolate barks, cognac truffles, hot co co. pops (like a melt used in milk) and seasonal chocolate items to reflect the various holidays.

Co Co Pop melt for hot chocolate

The unique collection of artisanal chocolates includes intriguing flavors such as Banana Ginger, Rosemary Caramel, Chipotle, Peanut Butter & Jelly, and Mango Lassi, ranging in variety from white to dark chocolate.  All chocolates are made using the finest ingredients without any preservatives or additives.

Seasonal items will include the Somethin’ Pumpkin Bar, Om chocolate bars dusted with edible gold to celebrate the Hindu holiday Diwali, and Champagne-Infused Chocolate Ganache perfect for celebrating that special occasion. The boutique has its own separate entrance and hours of operation so don’t miss the chance to get in on the goodies!