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How to decipher Dining In DCs Rating System


Every critic whether they are pros or amateurs should offer readers a consistent way to understand and interpret the restaurant review and why a restaurant received the ratings that they did.
Tom Sietsema from the Washington Post uses stars (four is the highest) to rate primarily the quality and taste of the food; however, he also takes into account service and ambiance. He introduced a noise level indicator in April 2008, in which he checks the decibels of each establishment and he reports on the din level. I suppose that in certain situations knowing how noisy a restaurant is could be quite helpful.
Todd Kliman, Food Editor for the Washingtonian ranks restaurants from 1 to 100 and uses a four star rating system. In addition, he rates them according to price (from c to $$$), and also rates the service from adequate to supremely attentive.

I have decided that I will rate my experience, based on my experiences alone on three indicators. Food quality, cost per person, and kid-friendliness. Restaurants can receive up to four stars for food, four dollar signs for expense, and up to four pacifiers for being exceptionally kids-friendly.