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Lisa Shapiro, Photo by Lindsay Silverstein

Hi! My name is Lisa Shapiro and I am the founder of Dining in DC. In addition to my blog, I also write for Examiner.com as the DC Restaurant Examiner and have served as a contributing writer to Capitol B, an online magazine. Recently, I served as a food judge on new show on the Travel Channel called Food Wars.

As you can tell, I am quite passionate about dining and being a part of the restaurant industry. I have been following the DC area dining scene for over 10 years. As early as high school, I idolized Phyllis Richman and I thought that she had the coolest job in the world. I’m not a chef nor am I a paid restaurant critic. I view dining out as an experience, an adventure for the palate.

Dining in DC is a blog about the DC Metropolitan area restaurant scene. The blog includes Dining reviews, Tips for diners, Food & Restaurant news and trends, Restaurant Events including festivals, openings, and closings, Chef Interviews — just about everything related to dining out in the DC area.

This site is dedicated to those who live to eat and believe that dining out is an experience, like me.  This Blog is for You!


*Note* Previous Blog can be found at http://diningindc.blogspot.com

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Photo by Lindsay Silverstein

How to decipher Dining In DCs Rating System


Every critic whether they are pros or amateurs should offer readers a consistent way to understand and interpret the restaurant review and why a restaurant received the ratings that they did. I have decided that I will rate my experience, based on my experiences alone on three indicators. Food quality, cost per person, and kid-friendliness. Restaurants can receive up to four stars for food, four dollar signs for expense, and up to four pacifiers for being exceptionally kids-friendly.

To see the “Ratings” page with full explanation, click here …