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New EatWonky food truck prepares to hit the streets of DC.

How do you like your “wonky”? With gravy? or without? That’s right …  now Washingtonian’s are going to Eat Wonky! Starting next week  the guys behind eatWonky (www.eatwonky.com) are putting the rubber to the pavement with a new set of wheels on the streets of the District. They’ve passed inspection, have their business license in hand, and the truck will be arriving to DC in less than 5 days, I was told today.  They plan to start limited service in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!

Poutine, a native dish of Canada’s Quebec region, is making its way further south of its border. Owners and childhood friends, Jeff Kelley and Minas Kaloosian are ready to smother and cover DC, literally. The wallet-friendly includes Wonky Fries – eatWonky’s interpretation of the Canadian staple, poutine, comprised of fresh-cut fries topped with ”squeaky cheese” and gravy, their signature item, the Wonky Dog (an all-beef hot dog topped with Wonky Fries) and Grilled Cheese sandwiches (made with the same cheese, spices, and served with a side of gravy). They will even offer a gravy-less version and those for Vegetarians.  There will be something for everyone.

Food Truck license plate. Photo courtesy of EatWonky.

Kelley and Kaloosian drew their inspiration for eatWonky from the street food scene they experienced on a recent visit to Vancouver.  “We wanted to create something for our food truck that no one is doing anywhere else in the country,” says Kelley. “Where better to start a grassroots culinary uprising than in the nation’s Capital?”

Patrons can follow the team’s progress on Twitter (@eatwonky) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/eatwonky), and will soon have more Wonky access, including an online store with eatWonky merchandise, at www.eatwonky.com.

You can even win a lifetime discount of FREE eatWonky. Spread the word by asking your Twitter followers are following @eatwonky (& DMing us about it). http://fb.me/xdG0PTQ7


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