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The First Annual Mid-Atlantic Red Fruit Festival and Recipe Contest.

Photo Courtesy of the Red Fruit Festival

On September 24, 2010 the First Annual Mid-Atlantic Red Fruit Festival will be held at the International Trade Center at the Ronald Reagan Building in downtown Washington, DC.  The Mid-Atlantic Red Fruit Festival is an annual reception that will focus on the spectacular regional produce of the Mid-Atlantic region by pairing top area farmers with leading area chefs.  Each year the event will showcase a “red” fruit such as strawberries, plums, cherries, currants, and 2010 kicks off with the tomato, perfect for summertime. Some of DC’s best notable chefs including Chef RJ Cooper, Xavier Deshayes, Kaz Okochi, and Todd Gray will participate as guests chefs by providing samples of a dish showcasing the honorary featured red fruit — the tomato.  The inspiration for each dish provided by the participating featured guest chefs will be drawn from a finalist of the recipe contest provided by a home cook.  The tomato recipe contest is open to all, including food bloggers, home cooks, gardeners, and tomato-enthusiasts. Entries must include locally-sourced tomatoes and must be procured from the Mid-Atlantic region (New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Virginia) to qualify.  Fifteen of the featured home chefs will be awarded prizes in 5 contest categories and have a top area chef cook their winning recipe.  The call for recipes includes Soups and Salsas; Beverages; Tarts, Pies and Quick Breads; Salads; and Sauces.

Photo by Olga Berman, Mango and Tomato

In addition to providing farmers and chefs with an opportunity to engage with enthusiastic home gardeners and cooks with tomato tastings and wine pairings, the Mid-Atlantic Red Fruit Festival is the home of SEEDS TO SCHOOLS, a landmark public drive that collects and redistribute seeds to schools and community gardens in our region that have a demonstrated commitment to engaging children with life science and nutrition. SEEDS TO SCHOOLS supports the teachers and public volunteers who share the wonder of planting, nurturing, harvesting and preparing one’s own food. In addition, the festival has also partnered with Common Good City Farm, an urban farm and education center growing food for low-income residents in Washington, DC and providing educational opportunities for all people helping to increase food security, improve health, and contribute to environmental sustainability.

The Mid-Atlantic Red Fruit Festival is a satellite event of the International Wine and Food Festival and has the support of TastePost, an exclusive online community of food and beverage enthusiasts created by The Washington Post.  Public admission will cost $35. For more information: The Mid-Atlantic Red Fruit Festival

Woodrow Wilson Plaza at the International Trade Center and Ronald Reagan Building :: 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC


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  1. looking forward to going to the launch party on Wed! Thanks for the invite! Going to be great! A perfect intro to moving back to the area!

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