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Reader Poll Results. Where will Dining in DC go next?

Last week, I announced that Dining in DC would be trying out a new feature by asking readers to decide what restaurant I should review next. The poll was created on July 17th and today I tallied all of the nominations and votes to determine the winner. The winner (drum rolll) … is The Fourth Estate Restaurant with 50% of the votes. There were a total of 56 votes, of which the Fourth Estate received 28 votes! Well done! I will be making a reservation in August to check it out.

The Fourth Estate Press Club

Photo Courtesy of Greg's List DC.

According to the website, “the Fourth Estate is open to the public and serves stylish American food in the historic National Press Club” (located at 529 14th Street, NW). “Executive Chef Susan Delbert Chef Delbert works with organic and small farmers in the Mid-Atlantic region, giving her access to the freshest, most flavorful meats and produce.”

I don’t do as many reviews as I used to although I visit many restaurants and often don’t ever formally review them. I would actually prefer to visit a restaurant more than once before I formally review it. Most completed restaurant reviews can be found in Dining in DC’s Little Black Book; however, this feature hasn’t been updated completely. I’m currently working on several reviews, including 8407 Kitchen and Bar and ZENTAN.

Thanks to all of the readers who voted! Stay tuned for the Review!


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