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Reader Poll: What restaurant should Dining in DC review next?

*New feature*: Reader Poll: Next Dining Review

Reader PollDining in DC is trying out a new feature by asking readers to decide what restaurant I should review next.  New restaurant reviews are always in the works. I visit many restaurants and often don’t ever formally review them. I prefer to visit a restaurant more than once before I formally review it. Most completed restaurant reviews can be found in Dining in DC’s Little Black Book; however, this feature hasn’t been updated completely. I’m currently working on several reviews, including 8407 kitchen and bar, BLT Steak DC, and ZENTAN.

By asking readers to nominate their idea, suggestion, or choice for the next restaurant, I can compile a listing of nominations. I will take this listing of reader nominations and edit The Poll to allow for choices or you can nominate your choice in “Other”. If there are 10 restaurants nominated but each only gets one vote I may choose between them myself or ask readers to help break the tie by voting for the “10” that have been nominated already by readers.

So what do you think? I think it sounds like a lot of fun but I need your help! Please nominate a restaurant that you think I should review in the Poll today! Thank you!


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