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New *Pages*: Dining In & The Daring Kitchen

Have you noticed the new tabs on Dining in DC’s home page? Well there are two new pages (“tabs”): Dining In and The Daring Kitchen.

Dining ‘In’ is a place where I will blog about all of my attempts to cook recipes out of  Chef’s cookbooks, such as Michel Richard, Susur Lee, Jose Pizarro, and others.

So as of June 15, 2010 I am officially a “Daring Cook.” So, if you aren’t familiar with The Daring Kitchen, the breakdown is that on the 17th of every month, members, known as Daring Cooks or Daring Bakers, have access to a forum where a challenge with one new recipe is posted by an alternating host on the Daring Kitchen’s site. Each member then creates the exact same recipe, records the process and then posts about it on their personal blogs on a designated date. There over 4,500 members worldwide including individuals from all over the world. The group began in 2006 when two ladies baked the same recipe then blogged about it.  And that’s what started the ball rolling … My first recipe will be July 2010! Wish me Luck!

I hope that you enjoy the new features as much as I will enjoy sharing my adventures in Cooking with all of you!


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