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Travel Channel’s new show, Food Wars, DC edition set to air April 13.

It’s next week! Finally! While the District of Columbia is best known for politics and historical landmarks, who would have thought that a jumbo-sized pizza slice could create such a stir!  It’s a real Food War — with two warring brothers behind it all. Only one brother can win this food war. Which is it going to be, Pizza Mart or Jumbo Slice? You’ll have to watch to find out (I’m sworn to secrecy). It’s going to be exciting!

Lisa Shapiro & Carla Hall

If you haven’t heard, the new series titled FOOD WARS aired beginning March 9 on the Travel Channel. The host, Camille Ford, has been visiting various cities around the country and learning about their iconic food dishes. Camille has traveled to  Minneapolis, Texas, Kansas, Tucson, and next up on their food journey: Washington, DC for the “Jumbo Slice.” The DC Food Wars with Dining in DC’s, Lisa Shapiro, who served as a judges for the blindfolded taste test will air on Tuesday, April 13 at 10:00 p.m. EST. Who else is a local favorite? Yep! That’s right! Former Top Chef contestant, Carla Hall (see photo on right).

Food Wars, host Camille Ford’s journey includes trying to find the country’s most celebrated dishes — foods that define destinations and help to settle, even the deepest seedest local rivalries often spanning generations. From family feuds to stolen recipes to secret ingredients, Food Wars pits the nation’s most famous culinary rivals against one another for a final showdown, where a blind taste test will settle the debate: Who makes the Best Dish in Town?

Although DC is not really known for its pizza, there has been a lot of discussion as to what would be DC’s iconic dish — the findings? Yes, we don’t really have ONE … but we have every kind of authentic cuisine you can imagine from French, to Peruvian, to Greek, Ethiopian, you name it. I think that’s something!


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  1. […] Lisa from Dining in DC recently served as a judge on the Travel Channel’s food wars. Now the episode finally has an air date – April 13! Get the deets over at Dining in DC. […]

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