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Hush Supper Club on U Street.

If you haven’t already heard … here’s what all the Hush Hush is about!  You might hear about it via word of mouth, through tweets, emails from friends … but addresses, phone numbers, and open doors are not.  Send an email, wait for a response and always knock.  A cocktail awaits inside. So, what is all the “Hush” about? A brand new secret supper club called HUSH” in the U Street neighborhood of  Washington, DC, has just ‘opened’. I hadn’t heard of this movement of unofficial eating establishments before today, so I’m no expert. Geeta, the cook and raconteur of Hush contacted me recently. She said, “At HUSH, we serve sumptuous, organic, Indian vegetarian meals in a beautiful home.  During the meal, we tell stories about the spices, origins/history of the food, and maybe even a joke or two.”  At each supper, the chef will give a spice tour and explain the origins of each meal. Reserve a seat at the social table, here strangers become friends, or request a table in the Salon for an intimate meal. Want to know more? See “How it Works“. Dine with the chef.  She’s part cook, part hostess, part storyteller, part waitress, and all smiles. 

Geeta said, “I am very excited and a bit nervous.  I’ve had such a response in so short a time! I decided all of this only 6 weeks ago when I heard about underground restaurants at a dinner party.  It’s the perfect marriage of so many things I love!” Hush will offer Indian vegetarian meals that you won’t find in any restaurant.” 

Hush "Dining Room"

HUSH is about storytellers and their stories.  Join Geeta every Monday for a new tale.  Next Monday, she will begin at the beginning.  Namely, the state of Gujarat and the story of a shepherd turned child prince willing to try anything put on his thali (plate). Geeta said, “My family is from India and I was the first ‘American’ baby, born in Chicago.  But I’ve visited Indian probably 20 times so it’s very much a part of my life.  Also, I speak Gujarati (the regional language spoken in my home) well and understand a lot of Hindi  so I’m able to interact and understand when I’m there.”   

Geeta knows that with Valentine’s day coming up and says, ” There is too much demand from couples and not enough from single men! I’m single so it’s not the such a bad idea for me either!” Hush will offer a special Valentine’s menu, with the use of aphrodisiacs in Indian food.  Geeta says, “Most of what most people associate is Western – oysters, chocolate, champagne, etc.” but she plans a special surprise like nothing you have ever experienced.  In addition, Geeta has changed the dinners so that only Feb 14 is for singles.  There  will do a monthly singles night if it seems popular.  Why not bring people together over a meal?   

 HUSH is also a writing project dedicated to telling stories of Indian cuisine and culture and a childhood spent in a Gujarati kitchen.  Every Monday, Geeta will post a new story. Check out her blog

HUSH is accepting reservations for a special ‘Single Hearts’ dinners over Valentine’s Day weekend – February 13 and 14.  (Only for singles.) hushreservations@gmail.com 

Mums NOT the word … feel free to tell all of your friends or make new ones while dining at the social table. 

Twitter:  @hushsupperclub


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  1. Nothing to do with the food or supper club really, but my living room walls are the same color!

  2. I had no idea! Very good column.

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