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“To Do List” Naming Contest. Dining in DC needs YOUR help!

DID Memo Board Final80%I promised Jason and Mike at DCFoodies.com that I would come up with a new name for my Dining in DC To Do Events list. As a courtesy to my fellow food-blogger colleagues, I will attempt to re-name my listing of food-related events. Here is the Original posting from last week (October 21, 2009): Dining in DC To Do Event List

The current listing at DCFoodies.com (which I read and follow religiously) is Foodie To-Do List. Is it possible to come up with a different name of a listing of food-related events that Washingtonians can do? You tell me!  I could really use your help on this one, readers!

I even came up with a spiffy new graphic for the feature. Yes, I did it myself! Thanks, Dusty! xo

Please comment below your suggestions! Update ** For the winner: Two tickets to the Ghost Tour on Capitol Hill on October 30th at 8 p.m ($28 value). (Eastern Market Metro).

This walking tour of Capitol Hill in Washington DC combines local history with creepy ghost tales that have been passed down through throughout the city’s history. In addition, each Capitol Hill ticket holder gets happy hour prices at Tunnicliff’s Tavern for the whole evening after the tour. Restless military leaders, band leaders, and common folks will look down from another plane as we take up their stories. Kicking off at the Eastern Market Metro stop, you’ll explore the heart of the two hundred year old Capitol Hill neighborhood, where we’ll learn the ghostly stories of venerable Hill institutions.

Eastern Market Metro stop
8th and Pennsylvania SE
Washington, DC 20002

12 Responses

  1. Here are a few of my suggestions:

    * On your plate this week
    * Get your appetite ready for….

  2. Thanks, Olga! I like them A LOT! I need one about Events too …

  3. How about the Tasting Menu?

  4. Just a few suggestions:

    *Whet your Appetites
    *Get Your Food On, DC Edition
    * Monthly Morsel
    * Order of the Day
    * Weekly Tidbites

  5. – The Five W’s To the Food: DC Dining Events
    – The Five W’s: DC Dining
    – The Five W’s to DC Dining
    – The Five W’s to DC Fooding
    – Food Stop Event List

    Something with “The Five W’s” 🙂

  6. or drop “The” and have something like:
    – Five W’s: DC Food Events
    – Five W’s to DC Dining Events

    Ok that’s enough, I think you see where I’m going. Good luck with your search.

  7. -Dining in DC: The Five W’s to Events
    -Dining in DC and The Five W’s

  8. -Fun Foodie Finds
    -Where the Foodies Are…
    -For Foodies, Only:
    -Dine & Dish
    -Dish ’til You Drop
    -Dine ’til You Drop
    -Best Bites
    -Palette Pleasers
    -Taste Buds

    Great, now I’m hungry :-\ Again… *le sigh* LOL

  9. Here are a few ideas:

    Foodies’ Appointment Book
    Foodies’ Almanac
    Foodies’ Itinerary
    Foodies’ Agenda
    Foodies’ Tasting Agenda

    Hope this helps! Will comment again if I think of others 😉

  10. Ok, here are a few more:

    Dining in DC Editor’s Picks
    Foodie Functions
    Quintessential Foodie Functions

  11. Hi – Here are the results of the contest!
    I really like Lindsay Silverstein’s ideas best. The Food Tasting Agenda and Foodies’ Itinerary etc.
    Really Sharp. She said that she is out of town and unable to attend so I will offer to the tickets to Olga Berman who came up with “On your plate this week … Events not to be missed”. I will use a combination of these things depending on the events. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.
    Lisa S.

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