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Modern Gentlemen Four Part Series with author Jason Tesauro. Part I starts Today!

Modern Gentleman

The celebrated sommelier and style aficionado Jason Tesauro has created a four part series of events to help Washingtonian area men become “modern gentlemen“. While Jason recognizes that times have changed since the traditional etiquette days, for example standing when a lady stands from the table, he emphasizes that men still need to have manners and be able to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. 

In order to help today’s young man become acquainted with today’s important rules of conduct, Jason wrote the book The Modern Gentleman: A Guide to Essential Manners, Savvy & Vice. This entertaining guide even includes a chapter on skinny dipping while bridging the gap between traditional etiquette and today’s realities. His teachings show men that being romantic no longer requires a man to write love sonnets and recite poetry, however; the same thing can be accomplished nowadays with sending an “I love you” text – today’s version, according to Jason is enough to keep romance alive.

The four part series bans women so that men will feel more at ease to let their guard down, ask questions freely, and discuss personal issues. Jason said that men would be more likely to ask what they would consider “stupid questions” if women weren’t there. The series is designed to enlighten men to the little things he can do to be a modern gentleman in a social or professional setting. For those that enjoy good libations and excellent food, this is an unforgettable series and The Morrison House in Alexandria, Virginia is the perfect setting. The traditional French decor paired with Chef Dennis Marron’s reinvented French-American classic cuisine is promising for a perfect evening. Chef Marron uses mostly locally sourced, organic food in his cooking, which is immediately evident by the complexity of the flavors. His cooking is modern with a classic twist and will delight any D.C. foodie.

The Modern Gentleman Series

  • October 28 @ 7:00 p.m.: Sticks & Stones: Cigar How-tos and Whiskey Wherefores: Neat or on the rocks? What’s the difference between single malts and blends? Can a Churchill be lit with a Zippo? Indulge in bourbon and Scotch whiskies, plus a tobacco tutorial from filler to binder to wrapper that culminates in an outdoor smoke-out on the Morrison House terrace. In addition, Jason shows men what a good cigar is made of and to be able to properly cut a cigar. His knowledge of cigars and whiskey will help any man to be able to hold his own among other gentlemen.
  • November 18 @ 7:00 p.m.: Brews and Birds: Craft Beers and the Art of Carving: Just in time for Thanksgiving, Tesauro and Chef Dennis Marron team up to provide some tips on the art of carving (see video here ), all while deepening an appreciation for micro brews. Devin Arloski of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery joins this course to lead the line-up of top-flight suds with “off-centered ales” including the brewery’s award-winning 90 Minute IPA.
  • December 16 @ 7:00 p.m.: Corks & Forks: Essential Wines and Splendid Pairings: Jason covers the fine points of matching wine to food while enjoying vital varietals and a feast of small plates. Chef Dennis Marron will prepare an 8-course tasting menu and carry guests through complex courses and dining etiquette. Swirl and sniff like a master sommelier while covering wine’s advanced ABC’s from food pairing to cellaring to serving. Last but not least, perfect the dramatic art of champagne sabering just in time for New Year’s Eve.
  • January 27 @ 7:00 p.m.: Fizz and Flask: Highlighting vintage cocktails and modern mixology, this class demystifies distillation and outlines the beauties of sipping tequila, rum agricole, and art is anal liqueurs. Polish your bartending skills and learn to expertly mix and garnish vintage drinks like the Blue Moon and the Yellow Parrot.

Each class costs $80, and gentlemen who book all four classes also receive a complimentary overnight stay at Morrison House and dinner at The Grille to show off their new-found skills.

For more info: To reserve, call 703-838-8000.

See website: http://www.themoderngentleman.com/


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  1. […] was also very happy to run into celebrated sommelier and style aficionado Jason Tesauro, author of The Modern Gentleman, as an exhibitor for Barboursville Vineyards. He is a very […]

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