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Weekly Slice of Life update

Pie 3As part of the new weekly features lineup I have promised to update the Dining in DC Food Bloggers Unite for a Cause Slice of Life sales team and supporters with a weekly update of our funds raised and pies sold.

Week 1 (Oct. 1 – 8 ) just out of the starting gate we raised an amazing $260!

Week 2 (Oct 9-15) we raised $75.

Week 3 (Oct. 16-22) we rasied $110.

Total = $445

We have a long way to go … with needing over $2,300 in order to meet our sales goal of $2,700.

Thanks to the following supporters for their donations and pie orders:

  • Olga Berman
  • Christa Floresca
  • Shannon Skupas
  • Frances Stewart 
  • Kathy Szymanski
  • Carla Warner
  • Elle Denise
  • Jimmy Stewart
  • Brooke Smith

** Note: My apologies, but for some strange reason, Donations are not listed on the “Supporters” listing on the sales team website, just pie sales. I don’t know if Food & Friends plans to change this. It is not within my control. Your donations are still very much appreciated. Thank you!!



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