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You can Dish it and take it at “Let’s Dish”

dishLogoLast month, I learned about the concept of the collective buying phenomenon such as Buywithme.com and Groupon. I signed up to receive their daily alerts and was surprised by the fantastic value of some of the offers. One of them was a voucher to Let’s Dish via Groupon. Even though I had never been to Let’s Dish before or had been familiar with their service before it seemed to be the answer to a few of our problems at home, mainly the daily “What’s for dinner?” question. 

Easy to follow, simple instructions!

Easy to follow, simple instructions!

As a working mother, I found myself stressed every day with the responsibility of making dinner each night for my family. So last week, I packed my cooler and I went to check out the highly acclaimed Let’s Dish. Let’s Dish! was named Best For Families by readers of Washington Family Magazine and Best Meal Assembly by Washingtonian Magazine in 2007. There are multiple convenient Washington DC area locations, such as Alexandria and Fairfax; however, the original opened in Minneapolis in October 2003.

A great idea, right?! Let’s Dish was conceived by co-founders Ruth Lundquist and Darcy Olson and Let’s Dish! was one of the first retail meal preparation stores in the country. Both corporate veterans, the dynamic-duo were looking for a business idea that would add value to people’s lives. Lundquist and Olson spent two years laying the groundwork for Let’s Dish!, fine-tuning the company’s culinary profile, brand identity, technology, human resources, and operations.

With a 12 meal in-store session, the cost analysis (I haven’t done my own just yet) indicates that it is $3.50 a serving. Unless you’re feeding your family straight out of the can, the meat, produce, and other ingredients are going to add up to more than $3.50. Not only is Let’s Dish great for cutting down the time that it takes to put dinner on the table, but it also helps cut down on your monthly grocery bill. It’s win-win for everyone! It’s Fast, healthy and inexpensive.

Alexandria Let's Dish

Alexandria Let's Dish

There are lots of ways to dish. You can assemble the meals yourself at an In-store session, or have them do the assembly for you (“Dish-n-Dash”). You can place an order online for DishDelivery. For an in-store session, first you must sign up online by choosing a date/time for your session and choose meals that you would like to go in-store to assemble. It’s perfect for any size family. You can choose to dish whole portion that feed 4-6 or you have split the dishes into “halves,” which serves 2-3. Dishers are checked in at the front desk area and a Let’s Dish hostess graciously walks you through the process including providing you with a bright spring green apron and orange and white spotted do rag.

I chose to “split” my meals which is perfect for our family because my husband and I each get a portion and there is enough for our 5 year old son, Alex who is learning to each “grown-up” food. There are six work stations that are prepped with fresh ingredients for dishers to assemble. Step-by-Strep instructions are provided for both whole meals and halves (see photo). It’s so easy! Everything is laid out for you and the instructions are simple and easy to follow. It’s fun and since I love to cook, it makes it easy for me.

Shrimp and Orzo

Shrimp and Orzo

The menu changes monthly so there are always new dishes to try! Stay tuned as I update the dishes that we’ve tried and my family’s reactions.  So far we have tried the Tilapia Bruchetta, Shrimp with Orzo (see photo on left), and Fusion Pork Tenderloin.

Also, For the 4th year, Let’s Dish is offering its Pink Dish campaign that provides convenient, wholesome meals free of charge to families facing the challenge of a breast cancer diagnosis. Last year, Let’s Dish! and its customers teamed up to provide dishes for 50 families in need, including the Marrinan family of South Riding VA, who received a year’s worth of free meals.


3 Responses

  1. Woo hoo! We love Let’s Dish! too… October’s menu is fantastic… tried the Italian “Stuffed” Chicken… amazing! Thanks for the write-up, Dining-in-DC!

  2. LOVE Let’s Dish! We have one in Ashburn and it makes my world so much easier. Nice write-up!

  3. Nice blog post – I found your site through Bing.

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