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Examiner.com Acquired NowPublic.com

Examiner.com announced today the acquisition of participatory news network NowPublic which is based in Vancouver, B.C., NowPublic is considered by other online media to be a pioneer in the citizen journalism space and innovative social media technologies. NowPublic.com is a crowd-sourced news network that mobilizes citizens to cover the events that define our world, similiar to the strategy of Examiner.com. In its short history, the company has become the largest news organization of its kind with contributing reporters in more than 6,000 cities and 160 countries.

Examiner.com reports that the “critical driver of the purchase is the positive impact NowPublic’s technology will offer our Examiners. By adopting their custom Drupal-based platform, we can enable a variety of rich Examiner features over the next several months including improved and more reliable publishing tools; mobile publishing; enhanced photo management; the introduction of video uploads and storage; and robust interactive community tools.”


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