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A Day in the Life of …

Executive Chef, David Deshaies

Executive Chef, David Deshaies

Tomorrow is a really big day for Me. I am spending the entire day working along side Citronelle Michel Richard’s Executive Chef, David Deshaies. I will spend the afternoon listening, learning, and cooking in one of the very best restaurants in the world. As a fly on the wall, I will observe all of the intridicate details of what goes into making some of Citronelle’s most highly acclaimed dishes. I will interview David … I don’t have too many planned questions, but I am sure that after spending an entire day, I will learn a lot about him. That is … if I can understand him. I haven’t spoken to a French native for hours on end in years. I’m a little rusty.

In addition, a friend with a great eye, Jenna Duffy has agreed to photograph me and David working. It’s going to be quite exciting! Stay tuned in the next week or so for some special features about my day working with David at Citronelle!

I plan to try and make this a regular feature of Dining in DC: A Day in the Life of a professional Chef at some of the hottest restaurants in DC. Starting at Citronelle is starting at the tippy top … but I have to start somewhere and what’s better than starting at the top?!

Wish me luck!


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