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Hotel ‘W’ soft opening Happy Hour

Left: Kelly Collis Fredrick, Me, and Jill Collins

Left: Kelly Collis Fredrick, Me, and Jill Collins

Last Night, I joined the DC socialites and was part of the ‘Scene’ and went to the happy hour and grand opening of the Hotel W (515 15th St., NW). I was unable to get up on the roof to check out the POV (Point of View rooftop bar) so I just hung out in the ‘living room’. I was joined by PR Maven Jill Collins, the very handsome Associate Publisher at Biznow.com, Mike Ponticelli, CityShopGirl, Kelly Collis Fredrick, My dear friend Charlie Richardson with Cox Communications and others. I was introduced to Mark Indre, Market Director of Public Relations for Marriott and Andrew Stover, Director of Wine Marketing for Oya Restaurant … among others. I tried their St. Hilaire cocktail which is St. Germaine, Champagne, and a slice of lemon peel. It was wonderfully refreshing! I loved it! Too bad it took over 15 minutes to get a drink. I hope that they are better prepared for the official Grand Opening. The hotel was beautiful – I loved the Corinthian columns and the faux fireplace on the TV as you come in the main lobby was pretty neat. The ‘living room’ in the main lobby is quite large – plenty of room for party-goers. It got busier as the night went on …

The photo that I risked my life to take ...

The photo that I risked my life to take ...

Jill and I walked through the new JG Steakhouse and the wine bar before it got really busy. At around 6 p.m. we were the only people down in the wine bar below the restaurant. I snapped a quick photo and was practically tackled to the ground. I was told that photos were not allowed unless we go through the PR people. Jill Collins was quick to my defense … I got to keep my picture. The wine bar is a very intimiate room. It’s small – I liked the dark magenta pink lighting behind the glasses. It looks modern – the long tables in the room are not real wood – not sure what it’s made of. Even with no one else in the room, it’s still quite inviting. Note to the ladies – there is a door that opens up to sidewalk adjacent to the patio next to Cafe du Parc, for a quick get-away. 😉

An hour or so later, Jill and I returned to the wine bar and ordered off the

Pepper, Pepper, Everywhere! Water!

Pepper, Pepper, Everywhere! Water!

bar menu. While her petite filet was moist, tender, and delicious, my grilled chicken sandwich was so peppery, I could barely eat it. The bun that the sandwich was not big enough to hold the sandwiche so I ended up having to take it off the bun to eat it. What a disappointment. The frites that came with the sandwiche were obviously frozen fries, but were okay.

I plan to return and try the JG Steakhouse. I’m sure that I won’t be disappointed then.


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  1. Wow, risking your life for your art. The sacrifices we make 🙂 Go job honey!

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