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‘The Great Recession’: How DC area restaurants are impacted.

The state of our economy has been dubbed by many as ‘The Great Recession.’ As the DC Restaurant Examiner, I have been tasked to write several feature articles about how DC area restaurants have been impacted from the economic downturn. I thought that this was an excellent medium to reach out to you, the DC diners, and ask you how you think the DC restaurant industry has been affected.

Cafe Trope - Closed!

Cafe Trope - Closed! Another Victim!

If you are a restaurant owner, work in a restaurant, or feel that you’re dining out habits have changed due to the economy, Please feel free to email me at diningindc@gmail.com
I’m looking for some information and ideas for my next feature articles.

Here are some examples of questions:

  • What local restaurants have had to close due to the recession?
  • What compromises/sacrifices are local restaurants making to stay in business?
  • What are some local cheap eats?
  • Which restaurants are worth the splurge despite the economy?
  • How has the recession affected local chain restaurants, small eateries, ritzy bistros and casual dining restaurants differently?
  • How are local franchise owners being affected?
  • Is the local restaurant industry suffering from the recession? Is it benefiting?
  • Are more people looking for jobs at local restaurants?
  • Are local restaurant jobs becoming more competitive?
  • Are local people starting to tip less?
  • Which local restaurant jobs provide the best stable income?
  • Which restaurants are recession-proof?
  • Are local restaurants increasing their prices? or offering new deals?

How do you think the DC restaurant industry has been affected? E-mail me at diningindc@gmail.com


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