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Le Paradou will be closing their doors after 5 years

laparadouI’d like to think that I’m not part of the problem and more part of the solution but perhaps not this time, not for this particular place. I have only been to Le Paradou once in Decemeber 2007 to celebrate my 4 year Wedding Anniversary and haven’t returned, but it wasn’t beacuse we didn’t enjoy our dinner, because we certainly did. We thought it was supperb! (See archived review) Perhaps diners more often than not go to fine dining establishments like Le Paradou mostly on special occasions and want to try a new place each time. In these trying economic times, I think a lot of restaurants are struggling to keep their doors open, even those that are considered the very best in DC.

Yesterday Washington Post Dining Guru, Tom Sietsema and other food bloggers announced that after five years, the luxurious Le Paradou will yannick-cam-le-paradouclose its doors for good at the end of April.  Chef, Yannick Cam said that “Business dropped 30 percent” from last year…the landlord didn’t want to renegotiate” on more favorable terms and  “it’s hard to find staff” familiar with the demands of such a restaurant.

Chef Cam says that he’s already thinking about opening a more casual French restaurant, much more informal than Le Paradou. Possible locations he says could be McLean and the Palisades neighborhood in Northwest Washington.

For more info: 
Le Paradou

678 Indiana Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20004


202.347.4066 fax



2 Responses

  1. Very sad. Why didn’t the customers and clients of Le Paradou in Alexandria rally around Yannick Cam and prevent this from happening?

  2. I agree. Hurrah for Yannick!
    Kerry Hart
    Omaha, Nebraska

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