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New Indicator Rating – TBD

So I’ve decided that I need to come up with my own type of rating or indictator.
Tom Sietsema from the Washington Post uses stars (four is the highest) to rate primarily the quality and taste of the food but also takes into account service and ambiance. He introduced a noise level indicator in April 2008 where he checks the decibels of each place he visits and he reports on the din level. Apparently, he thinks people are interested in this. I’m not sure what Todd Kliman of the Washingtonian has. Well he ranks them from 1 to 100 … and healso uses a four star rating system, plus he rates them according to price (from c to $$$), and also rates the service from adequate to supremely attentive.
So what shall mine be?
Should I have a kid-friendly scale?
Something like this?
I also want to report categories such as atmosphere (5), service (5), value/bargain (5), food (5), and more!
Stars are used by most reviewers for food. Most people recognize it and now what it means. 4 stars usually means excellent, 3 very good, 2 good, 1 satisfactory.


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