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Odeon Cafe ~ Dupont Circle

One of my coworkers invited me to lunch. We decided before we left work that we had both never been to the Odeon Cafe on the North side of Dupont Circle (located at 1714 Connecticut Ave.). The cafe wasn’t busy even though it was lunch time on a Thursday afternoon. We were seated right in front of the open window doors with a great view of the Circle’s hustle and bustle. We were greeted shortly after arriving by our server who had a very heavy Latino accent. We got drinks and he brought us each a warm round bread roll and some sort of mystery garlic butter. The butter had some sort of leafy spice floating around in it. My friend and both decided that we thought that the butter was quite disgusting and did not taste fresh. We each ordered a lunch special that was written on a daily specials board outside in front of the restaurant’s entry way. I ordered the Classic Italian American favorite, Chicken Parmesan. Also to accompany my meal, the lunch special included a house salad. I almost laughed when the salad arrived. It was a bed of lettuce with a few shredded carrots on top, one half of a grape/cherry tomato, and one cucumber slice. (Yes, picture this, but halved!) The dressing was probably a red wine vinaigrette. My coworker didn’t even finish her salad. I ate most of mine. When our lunch plates arrived, I was surprised at the large portion. There was a side of spaghetti with tomato sauce sprinkled with parsley and a large chicken patty with Parmesan cheese and tomato sauce. The chicken was a little bit dry, so I am guessing that the chicken parm wasn’t made fresh to order. It was pre-made and reheated. The spaghetti was a little over cooked. It was almost mushy but the sauce tasted authentic and not jar bought. My coworker had to ask for a water refill several times. The restaurant wasn’t busy. There was only one or two other tables other than ours. There was no reason that she couldn’t have gotten excellent service. The other waiter or bartender leaned on the bar in the entry way, reading a newspaper. All in all … not impressed. I can’t say that I would ever go there again, and since I am no longer working in Dupont Circle, I am most likely say that I will not return. It was a decent enough mail. Nothing memorable or exceptional.


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