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Dining in DC Wish List and Mother’s Day (May 11)

So there are lots of opportunities to celebrate by dining out each year. For me, the big ones are my wedding anniversary (Dec.), my birthday (Jan.), Valentines’s Day (Feb.), Mother’s Day (May), my husband’s birthday (Nov.) and then were back around to another year. In Dec 2007 my husband and I went to Le Paradou (see review) for our wedding anniversary. For my birthday, I went to CityZen (see review). For Valentine’s Day, I can’t remember if we went out or what we did. I was very pregnant, so we probably didn’t do much. With that being said, Mother’s Day is approaching. Since I have twice the duty, I plan to pick a special place this year.
I’ve decided to take a look at the Washingtonian’s 100 Very Best Restaurants
and make a “Wish List”, starting with my #1 most desired place to visit. This was easy of course, since the #1 restaurant, Citronelle, I have never been to.
So my Wish List is as follows:
1. Citronelle
2. The Inn at Little Washington
3. Komi
4. Restaurant Eve (Tasting Room)
5. Vidalia
6. Central Michel Richard
7. Kinkaid’s
8. The Source
9. Marcel’s
10. Palena

So with Mother’s Day approaching … I am not sure what I will pick.
Komi is closed Sunday and Monday, so if I pick Komi I will celebrate on Saturday, which is preferred anyways. Citronelle and The Inn at Little Washington are out of our price range right now, for two or more reasons. First is I am not working because I am on maternity leave and second we have a new baby and it costs a fortune.
I think I will try and talk my husband into Restaurant Eve. I really like it there (been there for lunch) but have never been there for dinner. The tasting room menu for five courses is $125 per person, which is a steal, especially since it’s Cathal Armstrong.


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