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I took Todd’s Advice. Zorba’s Cafe in Dupont —

Today, I was in the mood for some hearty Italian cuisine and luckily for me, next door to my work is Buca di Beppo. I have been there only once before and I had a pretty good meal. I think it was a little pricey for lunch. I spent almost $18 for a lunch portion of the lasagna and a side salad and beverage (soda, not wine). Jeez. I am working, people. Only one thing I didn’t like what some of the lettuce that was in my salad was those hard white pieces. I hate that. I ended up fishing them out of my salad bowl and putting them on a bread plate. Anyways, I attempted to return this afternoon, but there was no one at the hostess stand. I waited a few minutes and then decided on such a nice day, I would venture out for somewhere with outdoor seating. So… I walk along Connecticut Avenue and before I realize it, I am almost to the Dupont Circle metro stop. All the sudden, like a light bulb went off in my head, I remembered that Todd Kliman’s advice to me when I announced my new job in Dupont was to “become a regular at Zorba’s Cafe” (see previous post, July 24, 2007).
So only this lovely sunny day, I went to Zorba’s for my first time.

I was nervous walking up. I realized that I had never been there and I didn’t know what to do. I felt like I was in unfamiliar territory and that I could upset someone with my ignorance of the Zorba procedures (flashback to Soup Nazi).
So I walk up and there are small patio tables, (just for two) some with umbrellas, scattered about on their front stoop.

There is a sign posted out front by the door, “Order inside”. Thank goodness for the sign. I would have been lost. I grab a menu on my way in and before I could open it, a man passes me with a large blue tray, filled with … (gasp) everything that I want! I almost asked…. I said almost.
Well I took a quick glance at the menu. There wasn’t much for more (the line moved quickly). I figured out that he ordered the “Yero plate”. It comes with a yero (pita with meat), small side salad, and french fries. Hmm… Are they called french fries at a Greek place? I dunno. So for the price, I thought it was a pretty good deal… all for $9.95 + tax.
You don’t wait long. Yes, sireee, … in about 3 minutes, they called my number. I was so nervous ordering that I forgot to get a drink! Luckily for me, I noticed that there were glasses and pitchers of water available. As soon as my number was called, I went outside looking for a spot. I actually got a table with an umbrella.
I really loved the light vinaigrette dressing that was on the salad. I couldn’t get enough. I bet I could have eaten another entire serving. The salad was a mixture of greens and romaine, shredded carrots, radish, and a tiny sliver of tomato and red onion. I personally would have been happier with more tomato. oh well.
My Yero was very tasty. I ate every bite. The pita was toasted and warm. The meat was tender and not dry. There was very little tadziki dressing, which I like more. I also would have liked some lettuce and tomato on my yero. Maybe you have to ask for that. I don’t know. I’ll find out because I definitely plan to go back. I ate my frites last. I ate them one by one dredged in ketchup. By this point, I was getting warm. Being partially in the sun began to wear on me. So there you have it! Zorba’s is affordable, good food, and great outdoor seating.


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