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Real Fish n’ Chips without needing a passport

Even on a hot and steamy day like today, I ventured out for lunch with one goal in mind — to see what all the fuss was about in Old Town at the new Eamonn’s — A Dublin Chipper. Located on the corner of Columbus and King, Eamonn’s is like no other place in the tri-state area, probably intended to be that way.
The world-renowned Chef Cathal Armstrong, an Irish native, his wife Meshelle, and partner and sommelier Todd Trasher have brought a taste of Ireland, right to Washington, DC.
The owners of Eamonn’s are the same folk who opened Restaurant Eve, also in Old Town, which has received world-wide recognition.
Eamonn’s, named after the Armstrong’s son, is a traditional chipper, in that you order at the counter and grab a seat, and wait for your name to be called with your order. The wait can be a long one, since everything is served fresh and there are only 30 seats, including the counter with stools. The menu is squalled on a chalk board that hangs over the cashier’s counter.
You don’t need a lot of choices. Why else would you be there if you didn’t want the infamous fish n’ chips? You have your basic cod in two sizes and fried Ray. If you absolutely don’t want to try the fish you can choose the deep fried “burghers” or battered sausage. Yes, if you are counting calories, lunch at Eammon’s will blow it out of the water.
They offer a few choices for sides that includes two sizes of “chips”, bachelor’s baked beans, onion rings, coleslaw, and “mushy peas.”
They throw in one homemade sauce, and you have a choice of seven, such as traditional tarter sauce, “Marie Rose” (ketchup and mayo), Kitty O’Shea (capers and kalamata olives), Chesapeake, Hot Chili, Fronch, and Curry. I didn’t try any of the sauces, like an “eejit” (Irish for idiot/fool).
I did try, however the cod and the chips. The cod came in a light weight, waxy paper pouch. Just large enough for the battered fish to stick out the top for you to take a bite. The cod was perfectly cooked, moist, flaky, and the batter is light and is almost crunchy. I actually thought the batter was the perfect combination of sweet and salty. The fish was so fresh… it even tasted fresh. I actually said to the two women who sat down at end of the bench where I was sitting that it tastes like, “Someone caught the fish, battered it and gives it you.” It was that good. I think it’s well worth the several minute wait.
The fries …er, um, I mean Chips reminded me of boxy steak fries, but divine! I dipped every single bite into the malt vinegar that is provided on every table. I didn’t get an dessert, and now I am kicking myself… they offer fried milky way, banana, and dough balls. The cashier area is also lined with authentic sweets.
I will definitely go back, but next time I am going to try the Onion rings (oh, I bet they are heavenly), the Irish soda as my beverage, and I will force myself to order a dessert! 😉

Website with menus and photos: http://www.eamonnsdublinchipper.com/
Address: 728 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone (703) 299-8384


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