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Past Reviews: DC Coast, Ceiba, Arcadiana

So … Thursday, February 22,2007 I patroned DC Coast.
Are you seeing a trend here? First was Acadiana, then Ceiba, and now DC Coast.
They are all owned by Passion Food Hospitality, LLC (Passion Food Profile)
Owners Gus DiMillo, David Wizenberg, and Chef Jeff Tunks. Next I think I will have to try TenPenh …. DC Coast is a very nice restaurant; clean, simple, not to contemporary or to old-fashioned. I like how diners can see what’s going on in the kitchen depending on where you are sitting. It’s basically open. No mirrors, or glass. Free show! woohoo! 😉 The decor is beautiful with a motif of the sea and mermaids.

On thing that I didn’t like right off the bat was being sat (table of two) right next to a (rather loud) party of four … literally we were so close I could have eaten off their plates. It wasn’t the best environment for conversation. Mike (Yarger) said on Tuesday that he refers to those types of tables as, “I’ll have what she’s having (tables)”. Ha ha.
Literally, the tables were on top of each other. I wish that we were sat in a more intimate setting. There just wasn’t any privacy.

Dinner and the Food … I will be back to review those and talk a little bit about my experience with Ryan McCarthy, GM of DC Coast. He was really charismatic. He pretended to know me.


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